Zum damenhaus

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Clients will visit your establishment. Most of them are easy to handle, yet others expect specific traits of your girls. Long hair? And a monster girl?! Sure, why not?

Your girl gets experience points and will be able to perform in more positions. The Johns will like that. I could add a fetish list here, but I'm save to say that there is something for 'everybody'. If you like what you see and you wanna make sure that Zum damenhaus always have something in my fridge, then you can support me by being a patron on Patreon.

There you can find the newest version of my other game as well. I wish you a lot of fun with my game! You need any swf player to run the game. I added the one that I use myself in the archive, but you can look for your own. Log in with itch. Hello Random Crow. You made a nice piece of work with this game. Enjoyable, have kind of bit of everything, the leveling mechanics Just a golden game. I want to ask if you are planning to make some kind of a remake, lets call it zum Damenhaus 2 or something? I wanted to play the game after some while again, but it is not possible anymore.

Thanks for the answer in advance. Keep it up! I won't do a remake, but a new zum Damenhaus 2 is possible. I have other projects I wanna tackle though, until I might think about a new zDH game. I heard that the debug version of flash is still able to run flash games. This game has huge potential- I played until the glitches more or less made it impossible to advance, but was still a lot of fun.

Can't find a flash player that will work anymore. Any chance you are going to be porting it to an html5 browser game or unity? A restart usually helps through the bugs. But sure, better they would not be there in the first place, lol. Sadly porting the game would mean to re-build it from scratch. I would rather work on a zum Damenhaus zum damenhaus in that time xD I am sure there will soon be plenty of ways to play old flash games reliably.

I consider it done. I tried to wrap it up before the dead of the flash plugin. Theoretically I could have implemented tons of stuff, but And the game grew a bit to big for flash anyway. Quests on the questboard are random and undoable in the early stages at least. Like, Ella Anal I just bought the girl and she can't even perform Footjob.

I think you refer to the upgrade"fun with science". It does not increase the science points, it does increase the experience cassandra gets when left in her room. I'll correct that in the game. I have played this game before and it was pretty fun. But here when I try to play it after downloading it, it says there is an error. I works sort of.

Though I wish I could be able to use the itch app to play it like I do the other games that i play on itch. Do you mean so you can play it in the browser? For that you need to allow the flash plugin to work in your browser.

Are you 18 years of age or older?

Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Loading SWF for the first time Adobe Flash is required to run this project in the browser. Enable Flash. Earn their coins to gain reputation and build up your brothel to become world famous! These are the main features of the game: unique hentai animations 5 species of girls human, plant girl, bunny girl, lioness, kobold different type of rooms room cleanliness and maids tech tree for upgrades high quality game CG's unique soundtrack quest board gallery tutorial and more More information.

Install instructions You need any swf player to run the game. Download Download zDh v. Comments Log in with itch. Kermitos 85 days ago. Hey, thank you, I am happy that you have fun. DarkNix days ago.

This game still not finished right? Lyanna Gezgin days ago 2 edits. I just bought the girl and she can't even perform Footjob A faster rewind option might be useful. I mostly wait through the day. Men come very less, even after the upgrade. Okay, I will check that. Is that just for Cassandra only? You need a swf player to run it.

Google will spit out plenty of :. WindowsmacOSLinuxFlash. SimulationAdventure. KeyboardMouse. PatreonBlogNewGrounds.

Zum damenhaus

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