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Friday, March 2, Princess Nikki's Interview. Some women wrap their feet around a cock and what comes after, besides the cock, is pure art! Princess Nikki is one of those women. She admits that footjobs are her one favorite aspect of foot fetishism. She just loves draining a man's balls all over her feet. She has even told me how much pride she wusfeet com for making most of those cocks cum so much quicker than they're used to when getting a footjob from another pair of feet.

We're talking several minutes or less here! I first discovered Nikki's work when I spotted a teaser for the video above. Being such a massive fan of interracial adult content, and obviously, foot fetish content, I was quickly paying attention. Seeing the way she had her feet gripping that impressive cock made me go and buy the clip minutes later.

I was not disappointed! I cannot honestly say whose balls were emptier once that clip ended - the guy in the clip, or me, who finished myself off twice before it was over. The second time being before he spurt his cream load all over those upturned soles. I wanted to go for round three, but I was spent! I shared my love of that video, and of her work, with Nikki shortly thereafter. We began chatting off and on and I mentioned Wu's Feet Links and these interviews to her. She was interested from the start and I was so glad to be having her. There are so many awesome people in the foot fetish community who deserve some spotlight.

Nikki is one of them! I ask you to check out her wusfeet com after reading through this interview and give her a follow on all of her social media s. Maybe one day I'll be able to gaze upon those feet of hers in person. We've actually talked about making that happen one day should we find ourselves traveling the other's way.

I just wonder if I'll leave that day even more spent than I was the day I bought her interracial footjob clip? Maybe I should start "saving up" now? The ending of that video, when his big black cock BBC cums all over your soles, was something I'm sure he thoroughly loved.

When it comes to cum on your feet, is that something you also love? If so, what's your preference? On the soles, between those toes, or something else perhaps? Or do you just enjoy it all over your feet? Normally wusfeet com cum ends up on my toes, as they are quite talented. I really love the warm feeling. I normally play with it a bit before cleaning up.

I'm going to be perfectly honest, my favorite scenes of yours involve interracial footjobs. This is something that we discussed privately on Twitter NikkiPresents. How much do you love having BBC trapped between your skillful feet? The vid cap for the video I referenced above was enough to make me want that video as soon as I saw it.

Talk about a grip! Something about the contrast of my pale skin and my small-ish feet on a big cock will always make me happy. Watching my toes work wusfeet com head, or trapping it between my arches for a good long stroke, just makes me so excited. Do you think I'd last longer getting a footjob from you, or sitting in the room jerking off while watching you give one to a BBC? You'd last longer with your own hand! Now if you told me I couldn't cum at all while watching and do so only from a sloppy seconds footjob after he was done Oh boy!

Wusfeet com your Twitter profile states, you are "taken. Some people don't understand how married couples can be into such things, while others swear it enhances their relationship like no other. I'd love to know your thoughts and feelings. Okay, I am very happily married for over six years now.

I married my best friend of 15 years. So he's known me and how, or who I am, from the time I was We have a true love that I've never had with anyone else. Yes, I do footjobs, even scenes with others. That doesn't deter my love for my husband. He knows I love my foot world and all that I do, so why would he tell me no and make me unhappy? He knows, approves, and even helps with my personal work sometimes.

He is a part of all that I do. If someone wants to work with me they just need to approach me. I seem to be a very mean person, but I really am not. Your ManyVids store, NikkiPresentsalso features clips dealing with some non-foot fetish content. What other kinks are you into other than the ones tied to below your ankles? Oh, well that goes back to my cam model work. My old name was NikkiBunzz. Booty play is one of my favorite, but I am kinda an all around freak.

I've made mention of some of the other things I see you do in your videos below. Would you care to talk about some of them like I had you do above for the foot fetish related items? Those are something I will definetly be trying to make more content of! Masturbation — This is something that is in a lot of my XXX videos. It was definitely interesting and I had fun, but the community there seems small. Labels: bare feetbarefootcumfeetfetishfoot fetishfoot modelfootjobsNikki Presentspretty feetPrincess NikkisolesSoles of SilktoesWu's Feet Links.

Monday, January 1, Lux Lives Interview. I haven't met a cock I couldn't completely cover with just one foot For those of you who do not know this tall, 6'1" vixen, you soon will. Lux goes into tremendous detail on all different aspects of foot fetishism, as well as many of her other favorite kinks here in the January interview. Lux is truly a sexual being and one who would wusfeet com and drain all those who come, but not necessarily cum, before her. Yeah, she's totally fine with getting herself off and leaving you smitten with her feet, with your cock in hand, or balls smashed under her big feet - with your cum build up leaving your balls the darkest of blue.

I love her! When it came time for me to do a mini-relaunch of the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blogafter a down year inLux was there for me and eager to take part. We hit it off quite nicely talking over Twitter LuxLiv3s. Her honesty, wusfeet com, and even bratty ways made me realize just how perfect she would be to kick things off.

Plus, she's used to kicking balls, so there's some correlation, right? Why not? Before we get the interview underway, I'd like to say that Lux, just like my friend and Soles of Silk model, Alicehas me totally infatuated by her size 11 feet. Big female feet have really become a facet of my fetish that I truly enjoy these days. I credit Alice for helping that to bloom and women like Lux for edging it, and myself, forward.

At first, I thought it just might be Alice whose feet I was charmed by, coupled with her fun loving, teasing personality. Meeting Lux, however, has shown me that there is just something insatiable about women with big feet, who know the power in which they wield.

I've heard it from numerous women, but maybe wusfeet com does matter! I'm glad to have both Alice January and Lux now featured here on this blog. Both of their interviews are great re and really show how two women learned the power that their size 11 feet possess. One day I really hope to meet with and take my own photos of Lux. Will that happen? I don't know, but I really hope it does. Either way, I ask that you check out this amazing woman and her work.

Enjoy her interview below, one of the most detailed looks into a fetish model and her mentality that has been featured on this blog wusfeet com. Lux Lives is awesome! So I have to know, were you a natural when it came to giving footjobs, or was that something that took some work?

I still hear women tell me it's not easy after years of doing them.

How about you? I have an advantage with my big feet because my long toes are more like fingers.

I haven't met a cock I couldn't completely cover with just one foot, so I'm on easy mode.

Wusfeet com

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