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Undertow Games is an independent game studio comprised of a single developer, currently working on the 2D co-op drowning simulator Barotrauma in collaboration with FakeFish Ltd. Check it out and be sure to wishlist us! We also now have a new website dedicated to Barotraumawhere you will find all the undertow game news about the game.

We will be posting to the blog on the new website regularly about many of the interesting new features that the Steam version of the game will have. With the new website, this blog will be updated a little less regularly, but do check in later to see what else we may have in the works!

Undertow game

While this site is going through a quiet spell, you can always find out the latest about both Barotrauma and SCP-CB on our Discord, forums and Twitter. Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, the current campaign is quite bare-bones. The map consists of 6 concentric rings, each representing a distinct biome more about that later. Difficulty increases for each successive ring the player passes into, making sub and crew upgrades a necessity the deeper the player ventures. For example, the Hydrothermal Wastes are filled with sonar-disrupting sessile organisms, strong water currents and lava vents, the Great Void is a wide-open space where the player must avoid floating ice chunks and large predators, and the Europan Ridge is dense with smaller creatures, vegetation including ones that latch onto the sub and tunnels too narrow for the submarine to fit inside.

With the overhauled event system I mentioned in the post, we have much better control over the difficulty of a given round. ly undertow game monsters spawns and the spawn positions were essentially random, and if you were lucky, it was possible to pass a high-difficulty level without even running into a single monster.

With the new system we can guarantee that you will face various challenges in each level. Initially, colonies exist only on undertow game outer rings of the map, with research outposts, military outposts and outposts scattered around the next inner rings, and bosses, natural formations and ruins occupying the rings further in. As the player explores subsequent rings, there is a chance of new outposts being created at newly claimed locations, as well as colonies further towards the outer rings gradually transitioning into colonies.

Outposts will be actual physical locations you can dock your submarine into and enter, and uninhabited locations will be places with a higher monster count and a high chance of a boss encounter. SCP - Containment Breach.

Undertow game

Latest blog posts:. Note that many of the sprites in these pics are not final: The Aphotic Plateau. Lava vent.

Undertow game

Europan Ridge. Water currents. Sonar flora. Military outpost concept art. Mining outpost concept art. Habitation outpost concept art.

Undertow game Undertow game

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