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Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. I'm rolling my face on the keyboard and it's Press the arrow keys that turn red. Still, too much button mashing and not enough enjoying the sex.

This will incapacitate the elf until you change screens. Press E again to fuck her again, maybe in a different position. If you fuck too long your pink ring empties and you pass out. When fucking a heart appears and the WASD will change positions. Use the position that has the corresponding arrow turn red to fill the heart while you keep pressing space.

If you press E when the heart is full you will get a point towards your elves fucked. You can fuck the elf who is sucking off the wizard for free points to upgrade without exhausting yourself. If you hold down the space bar a bit before pressing it again it fills your meters faster. I am ashamed to have wanted this game. And even if the hack comes and fixes sex to not be garbage, and removes the "wait to level up" system In large part because I'd rather play as a shota than green fucking goblin watch out spiderman he comin fo yo butt Also, the scenery is bloody atrocious, especially the plants.

Did someone purposely gimp the spacebar as a joke? This shit is unplayable. Someone hack this quick. It's a disgrace. If simseh cheats hold it down the bar simseh cheats very fast for a brief period of time and then you have to press it again. Upgrading your "Prowess" stat will improve this dramatically.

It's not that hard at all. If you have trouble, just upgrade your agility stat once and simseh cheats run all the way to the elf sucking off the wizard and fuck that elf infinitely until you have enough points to max out your prowess. Or hell, max out everything. I think Endurance or Drive is how long your pink fucking meter thing lasts too.

With all stats maxed out you can get elves to submit by casually pressing space and you can easily fuck them to capacity multiple times before becoming exhausted. Not really defending this shitty game de but I'd like to help everyone actually access the content that's here before someone cracks it. Oh yeah, in case you have trouble GETTING to the before mentioned elf sucking off a wizard, grab the vine on the top right of the orc village, head all the way right, jump down twice, talk to the robot, go back to the village and at the bottom interact with the stairway going down, jump to the left then jump down and walk right and interact with the pink biodroid to take the dagger the robot wants.

He'll get out of your way, so interact with the wall he was near to go to the next area. Just run under the elf for now and interact with the far right wall to go further. An elf will fall from the roof so just quickly run to the right to avoid her and jump up into the building.

Interact with the top right wall to enter and now jump down twice and head all the way right. You need to jump up twice but there is an elf one level above you. If you want to avoid or grab her it's best to stand directly under her.

Either way, two levels up is the elf and the orc wizard. You can just interact with them and because it's not a grapple fuck you can just keep fucking the elf indefinitely for the point bonus until you're finished and press space a few times to climax. Then it's just a matter of exploring and grabbing every item and interacting with every NPC and object, etc but the game will be ificantly easier if you're starting with max stats by just leaving the window open for a while fucking the elf for enough points to do so.

What is the song that plays while you are in the spaceship anyways? Went through all the doors, instructions unclear pls halp. Fuck off with your twitch gameplay, who the fuck needs gameplay simseh cheats a porn game? I simply get killed every time I try to do it. That's just shit game de. The mashing space bar isn't simseh cheats a problem, it's the fact that even after you succeed at it you end up killing yourself with fucking. Once your stats are maxed the game has fewer problems, but it is still really unclear where you are meant to go and what your goals are. You just end up interacting with every pixel on screen until you randomly find the right one.

Art style decent, but gameplay clearly an unfinished mess.

I'll remember you forever for this. And I'll never play this. When posting links don't do stuff like removing simseh cheats first h from http in the URL or otherwise modify the link so it has to be manually copied and restored before becoming a valid link. Also do not use pass-through s or anonymizer services, link directly. Side note: Sharing links by putting them into images is forbidden. I've sent the orcs off to become drones but they just fucking vanished. I can't find anything to do after this point. I only give a flying fuck because I hacked this POS and I'm trying to bug test it to make sure I haven't broken it more than it already is.

Fuck playing this legit.

This is such shit. Does anyone even want to see this hacked?

Simseh cheats

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