Riddle school 3 locker code

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Riddle School 3 is a short graphic adventure you can play through in your browser. It depicts one student's daring attempt to escape from school and enjoy the freedom that awaits beyond those brick walls. This walkthrough will guide you from beginning to end, ensuring you don't miss anything mandatory on your way. Your first order of business is to leave the classroom you occupy as the game begins. You are in the seat along the room's left side, with a ruler on your desk. Your teacher, Mr. Soggy, is near the right side of the area and there are other students trying to pay attention.

Click on the ruler to add it to your inventory, then look to the teacher's desk. To its side, a globe is positioned. Click twice on the globe to spin it until a pink wad of gum becomes available. Then click on the chewing gum to add it to your inventory. Then combine it with the ruler. Positioned on the wall behind your teacher is the airvent.

Riddle school 3 locker code the ruler with gum on its tip over to the vent and trigger a brief cutscene that concludes with you one rubberband richer. Grab it from your inventory and drag it to your teacher, which triggers an additional cutscene that concludes with his glasses falling to the floor. Grab them for later use. Then exit to the hallway by clicking the arrow near the lower right side of your active play area. You're now standing in the hallway, which has multiple points of egress.

At the floor to your left is a pennywhich you should grab. Then you need to enter the library, using the arrow pointing down near the base of the play area. A brief cutscene follows. Read, the librarian who shushed you, stands to the left of a desk. Drag the glasses from your inventory and let them rest over the librarian's head to allow him to see better. He will reward you with the bookmark.

Combine that item with your ruler with gum on the tip. Then exit the room. Now you are back in the hallway you accessed by leaving Mr. Soggy's class. Head left one screen. To the left of the base of the green lockers, there is another penny. Grab it and then click the right of the two arrows pointing down near the bottom of the play area, which allows you to enter the supply closet. It's small and difficult to see, but there is a dime resting on the top shelf of the bookcase in this room, almost touching the ceiling.

Grab your extended ruler from your inventory and use it on the dime to collect the precious coin. You should now have 12 cents in your inventory. Now that you're loaded down with more money than you have any immediate need to spend, it's time to cause some mischief. Exit the supply closet to return to the hallway. Once there, click the arrow leading into the bathroom to the left of the water fountain.

Once inside, click on the stall to open it. Then click on the toilet paper to collect it. Drag the toilet paper from your inventory to the toilet in the stall. Then flush the toilet by clicking on the flusherriddle school 3 locker code near the top left side of the toilet. This prompts a new cutscene depicting the arrival of the janitor. Exit the bathroom.

Back in the hallway once more, head left one screen to find another penny on the floor near the right side of the base of the stairs leading up to the next level. Grab it. Then climb the stairs by clicking on the corresponding arrow.

In the overhead hallway, there is a portly fellow sitting on a bench. Ignore him for now and head one screen to the right. There, you will see a word bubble that points to a locker.

Riddle school 3 locker code

Click on the locker, specifically near the combination that looks like a ruler stretched across it. This will trigger a scene and introduce you to Richy, who tells you the combination to get him out of the locker can be found in Mrs.

Oddverb's room. Your classmate is in distress, but all you can think about right now is finding more money you're bound to need later. Click on the gray Janitor's Closet doorway, positioned just to the right of the locker where poor Richy is trapped. Inside that room, click on the quarter that is positioned under the green chair to grab it. Then exit.

Now that you're wealthy, it's time to worry about Richy. Head left one screen to where the lad with "feed me" written on his shirt is still lounging on a bench. Next head downstairs and then right one screen so that you're standing in front of the bathrooms. Click the left arrow pointing down to enter the teacher's lounge, where two teachers are relaxing.

One of them is Mrs. The teachers have some questions for you. Click the first speech bubble to engage the woman in the green dress. You need to select "Mrs. Oddverb, about Richy? His combination is in your class. Oddverb asks if you think she should go look for the riddle school 3 locker code in her classroom. The two teachers will exit. Before you do the same, check the drawers near the room's right side. The middle drawer, positioned just below the coffee mugs, contains the nickel.

Click it to add it to your stash so that you now have 43 cents.

Riddle school 3 locker code

Then exit to the hallway. Back in the hallway, head left and then up the stairs again.

Riddle school 3 locker code

Then travel right past the locker where Richy is imprisoned, to the end of the hallway where a insists "Carrots are people too. Oddverb's classroom. First, grab the penny from the floor. Then enter the classroom. Inside, look to the desk near the back right corner of the room, where you can click on a slip of paper to grab the combination.

Exit into the hallway and look at the lockers on the back wall. Click the leftmost of the three yellow lockers to open it. On the shelf below the books and above the traffic cone, there is a nickel you should click to grab. Now you have 48 cents. Head left one more screen from there to find Richy still locked in the locker. Click on the locker to clear the dialogue bubble, then on the horizontal strip to bring up a combination. You can click up and down on the arrows positioned above and below each to change each of the 8 digits.

The combination you need to enter isand then you can click the symbol of the opened lock to free your friend. He will automatically give you a quarter, bringing your total wealth to a whopping 74 cents. Since you're talking, he also mentions a fondness for collecting buttons.

Riddle school 3 locker code

Travel left one screen and head downstairs. Then go left one screen to find the entrance to Miss Count's classroom. Enter it. Inside, you will find an absolute messy classroom, with monkey dolls scattered all over the floor and particularly in front of the desk. Among the dolls is what looks like a silvery shell, but if you hover over it, you will see it is the keyboard key. Riddle school 3 locker code it and exit the room. As long as you're running around the school when you should clearly be in class instead, you might as well visit another teacher.

From the hallway outside Miss Count's classroom, head right one screen and climb the stairs, then head left one screen and enter that classroom but make sure to first grab the penny on the floor beneath the poster. In the classroom, you will find the teacher leaning against her desk, where a machine is positioned. Drag the button you grabbed a moment ago, so that you set it on the machine and cause it to come to life.

You will witness a cutscene and a button appears on the left side of the machine. Grab it when you can and then exit the classroom. Now that you have a button, it's time to find Richy. Head right along the hallway, until you reach the far end. Enter Mrs. Oddverb's classroom and find Richy standing to the left of the desk. Drag the button from your inventory over to your friend to receive a quarter and bring your total accrued wealth to an even cents.

Riddle school 3 locker code

Now that you are sufficiently wealthy, exit Mrs.

Riddle school 3 locker code

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