Overthrow the demon queen guide

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Maou Yumisu Is the "main villian" In reality she's the hero in the game since Humans have once again become the starters of the war between Demons and Humans by luring the late Demon King to a feast to celebrace peach in which in short ended with alot of demons dying.

It is a turn based hentai game. To solve the war between the two races, Yumisu must fight off the The Player to retain Demonic rule, unless The Player decides to goo down one of the many ends of the game itself. After the current events of what happened to the late Demon King and going by her personality, She acts like a typical demon who hates Humans but for good reason.

Yumisu has taken multiple fatal blows from a Wall level The Player and other villians that would casually oneshot normal humans without needing to heal from wounds. Destructive Ability : Wall level Superior to her Demon Lord Daughter who can kill Dragons head on physically, Strong enough to defeat the Player who's stated by Yumisu herself to be strong enough to stand up to most demons while also stating that with his power the war would end quickly while again also stating that he can back her into a corner.

Durability : Wall level Can tank multiple blows from The Player who's equal to superior to her. Range : Standard melee range, Extended melee range via Magic.

Superior to her Daughter who can kill Dragons physically. List of Equipment: Her unnamed Red demonic Sword[ Tonics A type of Potion that heals the user up by hpGloves An item that Increases the user's strength by 5 stat pointsBangle An Item that increases the user's endurance by 5 stat pointsRibbon An Item that nullify's Stat abnormalities ]Can reveal an opponents next attack via Mirror. Silk, Crimson wind, Cut, V.

Resonance, Crimson Earth, Attack, V. Strength, Kick, V. Gallop, Diagonal Slash.

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Overthrow the demon queen guide

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