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Melody is an episodic adult visual novel. It was developed by Mr. Dots Games, along with a team. While crashing at the house of his friend, Tim, he has a chance meeting with a woman, Amy. After chatting with MC, Amy wants to hire him to tutor her year-old niece, Melody, in music. MC moves into an apartment that Amy sets up for him, and starts tutoring Melody. He rises to the occasion, becoming her trusted friend and confidant. However, MC does teach Melody a great deal about music as well, from learning the basics of playing a variety of instruments to selecting the ones she likes to play to overcoming her fear of performing in public.

This last one proves most important: Hank Sharp, a local record melody visual novel, watches one of her early performances, and is impressed enough that he soon offers her a record deal at his label. However, whichever one or more he chooses, MC must deal with some lingering loose ends that eventually show themselves.

Can MC turn Melody into the next big music superstar while building a fulfilling life for himself? Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need melody visual novel to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. At the start of the story, it is in the possession of her ex-boyfriend, Steve, who refuses to return it. Later, Steve works with Bethany to steal the guitar when Melody is giving a concert.

If MC mishandles the situation, and Steve destroys the instrument, it will be a bad ending. If you choose the option to reach for the popcorn, this is the result. Accidental Pornomancer : MC seduces his student, Melody. All of them, with the exception of Becca, are either very young or connected to him in some mundane way. Justified with Xianne, who gives him a handjob as part of a massage.

If the player is on the Melody romantic path, it is taken as such a selfless act that it can even evince remorse from Bethany. Arnold tries it, and ends up repairing his relationship with Melody.

A Date with Rosie Palms : Melody is often seen masturbating in the early chapters to deal with her frustration. Amy and Becca are seen doing the same in other scenes. Mentioned, but not shown, with MC. Age-Gap Romance : MC with most of the girls. Becca is in her early twenties, Melody and Sophia are both 19, and Xianne is about 18 or MC, meanwhile, is in his mid- to late thirties. Sophia actually discusses this with Melody, saying that older men are better because of their greater life experience. Her age is definitively stated as Ahem : MC, to get Melody to introduce Sophia to him.

All Women Are Lustful : Every female character who gets more than a couple of scenes is shown to have a strong sex drive. Alpha Bitch : Averted with Sophia. She has many characteristics of this trope Ambiguous Disorder : Becca is extremely, painfully shy to the point of an anxiety disorder, though she is never mentioned as having one. Justified, since he comes into her life as a music tutor. Sure enough, Bethany eventually tracks him down at his new residence. Apologizes a Lot : Becca has a tendency to apologize out of remorse whenever she says anything too blunt.

Art Evolution : The characters appear more realistic in the later chapters than in the earlier ones, especially Amy and Sophia. In reality, they would have many classes taught by several different professors. The dorms are typically booked well in advance. Nothing much seems to have changed, melody visual novel MC seems to attract any woman who crosses his path, many of whom are much younger than himself.

Attempted Rape : At a party, Steve corners Melody on the way to the bathroom. MC scares him off before he can do anything. At the Opera Tonight : Well, a rock opera counts. MC takes Melody to one of these, and the two have some quality bonding time. Audience Participation Song : In-universe. When the power gets cuts while Melody is performing at a concert, Melody uses one of these to buy time before the power is restored. Bad Date : MC helping Becca paint her room can become this. Bare Your Midriff : When Melody is properly introduced, she is wearing a halter top.

Sophia wears these outfits on a few occasions. Bastard Angst : Averted with Melody. Bathtub Scene : Melody gets a bathtub scene. However, when she is wearing an evening gown, or even a t-shirt and jeans, she clearly looks quite nice. MC admires her for a little bit before tucking her in Justified in that Melody has loved music all her life.

Beta Couple : Sophia and Xianne. Big Brother Instinct : Tim was very protective of Isabella in high school, especially whenever a boy would hit on her. Bilingual Bonus : Possibly unintentional. Also, MC choosing to kiss Amy on the cheek instead of the lips will get the same result. Bitch Alert melody visual novel Bethany is introduced while screaming at MC for no apparent reason, and then kicking him out of the house. MC and Melody are in a happy relationship, but Melody has missed her chance to become a big music star. Blindfolded Trip : MC does this to Melody a couple of times to surprise her.

Blind Without 'Em : Averted with Becca. Broken Bird : Deconstructed with Melody.

With the death of her mother. It takes intervention from both Amy and MC to bring a healthy perspective back to her life. But Thou Must! Calling the Old Man Out : Averted. Calling Your Bathroom Breaks : Used many times as, for all things, a plot device. Many plot points happen when a major character is either in the bathroom or on the way to the bathroom. Plus, he knows how to mess up electrical work in an almost professional way. The Perfect Ending stems from Melody being able to tour with Melody visual novel. Captain Obvious : MC when he makes his expository summaries of every single chapter.

Also, when Becca actually does call MC to warn him that Bethany is looking for himhis cell phone is dead. Character Derailment : Bethany and Steve both get redemption scenes that come out of left field. Character Narrator : MC. Chekhov's Gunman : Xianne. She eventually gets into a relationship with Sophia. Chick Lit : Used in-universe. Becca is a big fan of romance novels. Chick Magnet : MC, obviously. Also discussed with Tim. MC says that when the two of them were in school, Tim would actually be the one who got more attention from girls.

They liked each other since high school, but never dated due to their respect for Tim. Child of Forbidden Love : Implied with Melody. Choice-and-Consequence System : With dating the girls other than Melody. Also, with avoiding the four bad endings worked into the game. Classical Music Is Cool : Played surprisingly strait. MC is shown playing a classical cello piece for Melody after teaching her how to play.

The aversion is Isabella, melody visual novel has the last priority of all the romantic interests who get their own endings. Clingy Jealous Girl : Bethany turns out to be this in the end. Closer to Earth : Xianne is this to Arnold, giving him advice on how to improve his relationship with Melody. It works like a charm. Inverted later on when Melody is giving her first official concert in a bar. Closet Key : Sophia gave Melody her first sexual experience, and the two of them can have more fun together during the game, which can lead to eventual threesomes with MC.

She states that she likes casual clothing, and that she dislikes wearing dresses or anything else that smacks of formality. Later on, she warms up to the idea of dressing up for certain occasions. This change tracks her character development from a rebellious and irresponsible teenager to a mature professional musician. Isabella frequently wears her work uniform, underscoring her structuring of her life around her job.

Becca is wearing conservative clothing the first couple of times she crosses paths with MC, representing her shy exterior. After she gets to know MC a little bit better, she wears clothing that showcases her attractiveness, symbolizing her hidden sexuality.

Amy likes to wear formal dresses. She is polite, caring, and very feminine.

College Radio : Surprisingly averted. Color-Coded for Your Convenience : The name bar for each character has a different color. Come Alone : An unusual melody visual novel. Commitment Issues : Becca lampshades this for MC, and MC admits on multiple occasions that his failed relationship with Bethany was partly due to a fear of commitment.

She pays Tim a visit, and finds a postcard from Isabella addressed to MC on the coffee table. At first, the girl featured in the gallery was selected by a vote of the patrons, but as some girls consistently received more votes than others did, the developers started restricting the options for who was eligible to be featured, and they chose the girl without a vote at least once. Concert Climax : Naturally.

Concert Episode : Surprisingly averted. Constructed World : Played with. We do not know which country the story is set in or even if it exists in real lifebut there are references to real people, events, and places throughout the story. Consummate Liar : Bethany. Conveniently Coherent Thoughts : All characters think in complete sentences all the time. Especially prominent with MC, who has expository monologues in his head every week. If MC succeeds, the player wins points.

Melody visual novel

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