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Im trying out your new kasumi already. Do you know how to fix that? Thank you and greetings. Not easily. Requires unwrapping lordaardvark patreon entire head mesh and reprojecting the textures. It's an extremely extensive technique. One I have no inclination of doing. It's a quirk of how the Source engine handles lighting in respect to UV maps. Nothing to be done but work around it, and push the problem to somewhere else on the head. You know, for making effects like a lightning bolt, electric arcs from a Tesla coil, good 'ol Emperor Palpatine frying someone, etc. I've been searching for a while, but I can't find any good electric particles.

Since you have a lot of SFM experience, I was wondering if you know about some decent ones. I'd check the Steam Workshop. I'm sure you can find some nice lightning effects, too. Wanted to start by saying you do amazing work and your time and effort don't go unnoticed.

I wanted to ask if there is a method to give you money with the model as a one time payment rather than a subscription? I don't really have a tip-jar system set up, since that's not really how I prefer to operate. You can sort of jank your intended de by pledging lordaardvark patreon my Patreon, waiting for the charge to go through and be confirmed my Patreon is set to charge-up-frontand then cancel the subscription.

I think that will still get the money to me, since I am pretty certain I have to manually approve refunds. Unfortunately that's the best solution I have for lordaardvark patreon, if that is what you want to do.

Otherwise, you can just keep appreciating my work, maybe engage with them via comments on the website for Films or Twitter for anything. Engagement means a lot to me, since it takes more than the quarter-second of muscle memory that hitting Like on a Tweet takes, and shows me that people actually care enough to share some thoughts on the subject. There's a lot of people who make or port stuff for SFM, but I don't know how many of them have prior learning or lordaardvark patreon when it comes to 3D modeling.

Is it something you can pick up in short time with practice, or is it something where you need to seek out some sort of education? I remember you mentioned in one of your streams that you've been doing model work in Source since Garry's Mod 9 was released, and it sounded like you're self-taught, but you've worked with Source long enough to know the ins-and-outs of the engine.

The absolute minimum for porting outfits is a basic understanding of the fundamentals of how to use your program of choice, simple vertex manipulation, and the knowledge of how to use the Weight Transfer Skin Wrap in 3dsMax tool. The majority of the work, and what separates between a low-quality and high-quality outfitting, isn't determined by technical skill, but artistic integrity and sheer fucking patience. Anyone can slap a shirt onto a model in 20 minutes and call it a day.

But it takes a patient person to spend 3 hours meticulously conforming the shirt to flow around the shoulders and the arms, and an artistically-minded person to infer how the creases and flows of the shirt as it partially hangs off the body should react. There's also a cross-over of technical and artistic skill, a wisdom-versus-intelligence thing, as well. For example, the technical intelligence that qu will subdivide more cleanly than triangles, combined with the artistic wisdom of knowing what edges to dissolve when converting to qu and how much to subdivide them.

I don't really know how well that answers your question. The tldr is it's not that hard to get into, but it's a long road between getting started and getting proficient. How would you go about compressing 4k textures via DXT5?

I searched for DXT5, but all I could find were descriptions of the process. Is it something only for lordaardvark patreon users? Easiest way is to use the tool VTFEdit. Open the target texture in it, Export as TGA. You should probably back up the original VTF just in case, before replacing it with the compressed one. If you're willing to let go of the reigns, you can also use a command-line tool like my TexCompresswhich automates doing this. It comes with instructions on how to use it. Are there any tips you can offer in regards to optimizing SFM in terms of performance or memory usage?

Textures are far and away the biggest culprit. The model viewer is a natural source of problems because of the model preview. As an end-user, the best thing you can do is use something like my Model Favoriter tool to "bookmark" your favorite models you tend to use a lot, and then use that to find and spawn them rather than the model viewer - it doesn't have a preview, and bypasses the model viewer completely.

Beyond that, it's more technical stuff. If the models you like use uncompressed textures, then the first thing you can do is compress them using DXT5 - an uncompressed 4k texture will take up 64MB of memory, whereas a compressed 4k texture can take as little as little as 8MB. And the absolute best solution is texture sharing, with multiple models using the same exact texture file - Source only lo the texture into memory once, and then just has all subsequent references to it use that same texture in memory. Which is something my most recent models have been striving toward.

Hi Aardvark, regarding that "tomboy" leather jacket that you showed on Twitter, could you relase the first jacket that you showed, the one that you discarded? I honestly think that it looks better than the final one, so it lordaardvark patreon be a shame not to release it too, even if it's in an unfinished state and is not guaranteed to work properly. And also, will you release that DOA Helena green swinsuit that you showed some time ago on Twitter too?

I think that it's still unreleased. Hello L. Any progress on it? Im very curious for updated :D. Unfortunately I haven't worked on it. Been up to my eyeballs in preproduction for more immediate projects, to say nothing of working on my current film project.

One of those preproductions I am hoping to finally be able to share with the public, in its entirety, within the next few days though. I've been working on it for almost exactly 2 months now started on February 27, now it's April 28and I think it'll show once the full scope of it is revealed.

Were there originally plans for the model to have a futanari bodygroup? I don't recall ever seeing an option for it when using the model. It's for lordaardvark patreon with the DazV5 futanari prop. In Choose to in with. Ask me anything. Anonymous May 18, Anonymous May 16, Anonymous May 13, Anonymous May 12, Anonymous May 11, Anonymous May 10, Anonymous May 5, Anonymous April 29, Anonymous April 28,

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