Hot roommates

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Saying worst roommate ever is a bold statement. Four years in the Marine Corps and I've had some terrible roommates but this one was the worst. It started off pretty good. Hot roommates female friend of mine and I were hot roommates a place and needed a third person to taken some of the rent.

She suggested her and I didn't know her so I said as long as she pays the bills. The first month was alright, none of us had every lived together so we were working out the house rules as we went. Standard stuff like don't smoke cigarettes in the house, weed in your room, clean the kitchen when you make food. Pretty easy right? Month three was when it started to get bad. The bad roommate, lets call her 'Kate' started to bring over a LOT of people and let them stay over either in her room or the living room.

One girl Jenny was over quite regularly and would stay for a few days to a week. I didn't mind, I'm the only dude in an apartment full of hot chicks. Come to find out this was only 17 and a run away. Kate knew, didn't tell me or the other roommate 'Karly'. We found out when the police came to the door and asked us about her, since I was the oldest I got put in to handcuffs for 'harboring a minor' and had to talk my way out of going to jail.

The mother of the girl and I talked and when I explained the situation, she didn't file charges and was glad to have found her daughter. The next event was Kates new boyfriend. He was pretty cool until I found out about the cocaine he was dealing out of my apartment.

Hot roommates

Thankfully I found out beforehand and handled it by throwing the guy out without his stash. After that she refused to do anything with the cleaning of the common areas and went out and got a dog. I love dogs, they are great and I have my own service animal that helps keep me calm if I get over stressed. My service animal is one that is required to be the only animal ion the house. When I told her she needed to get rid of it it was some little chihuahua mix she refused and locked it in her room day and night.

I never saw her hot roommates away its poop or puppy p away that will come up again. The final straw was the day she refused to pay her portion of the rent. We live in California and if your on the lease there is no way to eject a roommate without them ing a document releasing. We gave her an hot roommates and told her to the papers and she refused. That left me and the other girl to pay the entire lease. Kates mom had been paying her portion and finally said she wouldn't. We went to the leasing office and found out her mother had ed for her.

Hot roommates

In California hot roommates can be the sole occupant if your income is three times the rent, guess who's mother made that and then some. Karly and I ed the papers and got off the lease. We left and moved in with our parents for a few months.

Last I heard Kate was living in her car and selling drugs with the same guy I kicked out. Hold on. For all we know, those puppy p and poops are still there festering away, and OP will come back to tell us that they heard on the grapevine that the place needed to be cleaned out by a Hazmat team. I feel like there were paragraphs randomly deleted throughout this. Super hot roommate, worst experience ever. Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best.

Hot roommates

View discussions in 1 other community. I'm guessing the puppy p and poop were never thrown out? The climax that never was. Continue this thread. He didn't really talk about her being super hot either. More posts from the badroommates community. Give us your tales of bad roommates. The gross, the annoying, the psychotic. And if you have the solution to bad roommates, please let us know! Not gross enough for you? Created Jan 13, Top posts april 19th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.

Hot roommates

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