Harem hotel fap nation

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Harem hotel fap nation

Developer: Runey Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. Upgrade your hotel, build friendships with girls, follow their stories, and train them. Harem Hotel includes animated and completely uncensored lewd scenes, unique characters and fetishes.

Harem hotel fap nation

Any ideas? It is pointless. The mod is not needed to get the new scenes. Just play…. The 0. The dev has no clue where they came from. Version 0. I have V0. So why in heck does V. Some latest Ren'Py games can be affected by a Renpy false positive by several antiviruses.

Promoted Hentai Heroes Play Online. Harem Hotel [Ongoing] - Version: 0. Release Date: 14 April, Game Size: 6. Please co-operate with us by reporting dead links, bugs, wrong info, new games updates and any idea in comment section. Post your problem in our Discord server for faster response. How to install? Extract to desired location. Incest Code: Input the code 'truestory' on your pc in your room to turn Felicity and Emma the cheerleaders from "Clones" to "Twins. Intel HD or equivalent Graphics. Harem Hotel - Ongoing - Version 0.

If you like our service please whitelist us in your adblock. That will help us greatly to maintain, update and develop new features for lewdzone. Learn how to whitelist. Copyright and Terms: Lewdzone is a crawling site. We post games like Harem Hotel from trusted sources like Patreon official release, creator's official site and F We only share links of files provided by those sources.

We do not host those files and those files are hosted in public file sharing server and by the ToS of those servers, it is legal to share any public files. For example, sharing files publicly in mega. And if you are a visitor and worrying about malwares, do not worry, we do not inject anything.

Have fun. You can see the requirements for all scenes and events, receive tips for the best choices to make for your current event for each girl, track your progress to see how close you are to unlocking specific scenes, and finally see whether you've already watched a scene or not so you can know if you've watched them all. Look at the images below to get a better understanding of how it all works. Click the info button at the top of harem hotel fap nation screen to activate the mod menu. A cheat menu has been added which can be accessed by entering the code "lain" into the computer.

The default textbox and fonts have been replaced to make harem hotel fap nation UI cleaner and more readable. When starting a new game you will be asked if you want to enable the incest content. Choosing yes will automatically enable it for you. Quest 1: The goth girl is jealous of you and Ashley, and has something planned to get you to notice her. Complete Ashley's story then choose "Talk" at her door to start Juliet's quest. Quest 2: Emma wants you to take her to the beach. She will come to your room when the twins are level 14 or higher.

Quest 3: Autumn has been having some naughty dreams lately. Maybe you can take advantage of this somehow? Complete Autumn's story to begin her scenes. Quest 4: Once at least 50 days have passed, click on the stairs in the lobby and go to the new piano added by the mod for a short scene.

Harem hotel fap nation

What's New in Harem Hotel Version - 0. If you have a problem, post in these links. Keep Comment section clean New Update? Request here. Install Problems? Post your problems here. Broken Links? Let us know here. Bugs in game? Use this forum to report it. Comment Rules: Do not post same comment twice, your pending comment will be moderated, approved and replied by a stuff soon. We do not develop games, use common sense. Use English Language only.

You can click the bell icon before commenting to get mail whenever someone replies your comment. Great way to be notified if you are posting questionsbe sure to provide correct in that case. If you want to ask features of games like Bugfixing, save file support, new content ideas etc then please contact the game developer, Runey.

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Harem hotel fap nation

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Harem hotel fap nation

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