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File information Last updated 12 April PM. Original 04 April AM. ed by [ protected]. Virus scan Safe to use. Tags for this mod Tag this mod. Please credit the author, however. Author notes This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions.

File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file. Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Version 6. I changed some cheats to make them fall:out f95 better because of effects caused in-game. Critical Chance has been changed the same way as well.

I added two more ranks to Limb Regeneration. I added a couple more ranks to Reloader and fixed it too. I noticed I'd messed up detecting corpses in yellow.

So, I remade them all again and reorganized them in a better way I think. I changed some effects around in an effort to get them to work better. While I haven't tested it, I did make it more like their version instead of forcing it. I may have made some other changes as well; certain perks I've boosted their powers too. VATs timer quartered.

Time to take shots is extended. Various other minor changes, cleaning things up a bit as I see them messed up in game. Messing around with Bloody Mess; no pun intended; limited success at getting it to work. Added another set of Tesla Fields to oppose those always on with some for in combat only. It seems to work better with staying attached to Companions. I made another cheat category for armor to increase the speed of all weapons used while wearing it.

Care should be taken to not mix this with other automatic shots or weapon speed cheats. I added an orange color to detection of foes. Obviously one needs that DLC to take advantage of this. Also in Automatron is a perk for electrical like all the others immunity so I attached it to armor to see what it does. Fall:out f95 more grammitical changes with displayed information. Added the females' Tactical Clothing's 1st person mesh. I had the male version written into the females' category within their variable. I noticed some clipping graphics conflict in their shoulders too.

I made a beefier male body to fit into my tactical clothing. I hope it works for everyone else. Limb Regeneration was changed a little. Changed Battle Fatigues into Tactical Clothing and made it black in texture. I hope I got those additional files in their respective locations for NMM's downloader to work for you. This will adversely effect your game so I advise you to update when fall:out f95 ready to start a new game.

I 'beefed up' the Minutemen. Made bloody mess again; still trying to get that to attach to armor; I tried it on various individual weapons without. It doesn't work.

I added most legendary attachments to armor or weapons. I overwrote their Bloatfly extra meat variable because like their Bloodbug it didn't work all the time. Now the damn thing gives one two or three meats when their extra meat perk is active. I imagine it will provide one or two meats without the perk. I've considered overwriting Anglers' meat variable because it always provides three fall:out f95 with their magizine perk active.

Kinda makes it boring though. Removed all Super Mutant clothing references as they cannot be overwritten. Armorsmith's overwrites don't work either. I cannot add my cheating conversions nor legendary effects to any Super Mutant clothing or armor. Overwrote Bloodbug's leveled list in an attempt to get it to utilize its extra meat variable already written into their game but for whatever reason, has never worked.

I added Cat Meat to double meats too. Overwrote Valentine's Robco Fun Magazine in an attempt to get it to stop respawning on Nick's desk; I made it match the other three. So, I'm waiting to see if this does too. I changed some of their 'chance none' from 99 to 90 for instance to make items appear more often. I did something with Nuka-colas, adding them all keeping NukaWorld in mind to one of the embedded lists. I did something with grenades too, I think I added them to Bloodbug's leveled list see above and placed NukaWorld's extra ones in their in-game leveled list for 'all grenades'.

Fall:out f95 Super Mutant's "rags" all four of them work with cheating conversions and legendary attachments; I've never been able to cheat Strong without using a ring. Added a few more chems seven to Diamond City's drug shipment quest's containers.

Removed all my modified bandanas from attaching cheating conversions; I wasn't using it as much as I thought; for cheating dogmeat I mainly use his goggles in lieu of a ring because of its visual effect on him. I 'found' some more Vendors' ammo lists to include. There are so many list, some embedded in others, it's difficult to decipher which ones are specifically used in any given instance. Left certain grammatical conflicts because I like my description better.

Modified their Ricochet Perk to increase its chances for success. Placed 7. Removed the automatic bool variable from certain weapons because of their effects in game were unstable; double-barrel shotgun, revolvers, gatling laser, minigun, to name some of them.

Adjusted their Recruitment Radio Beacon's radiant power which it didn't actually have before I put it in there. A small amount, one quarter of their power pylons' radiant output. Spotlights didn't ignore player; now they do. Companions will still get targeted by spotlights.

Scounger Perk didn't allow for 7. Finally figured out to place an install script in with my mod to easy installation and make certain things selective for their installation. I've attempted for sometime to make a synthetic person detector Fixed minor variable errors and some recent grammatical displays didn't workout and they were removed. There are three using health and two using the other two.

I added regeneration for health during combat since it's a separate catagory. Grammatical changes to some cheat displays while using workbenches. Reworded all their descriptions too. Fixed conflicts with Wall Passthrough Conduit's in game variable overwrites that were conflicting with mine.

Added Synthetic Spaghetti for something to make out of their fall:out f95 gorilla meat; took curing mole rat disease out of my PowerBar and put it into this food. Added Synthetic Steak for something else to make out of their synthetic gorilla meat; put Lorenzo's serum's effects into the fall:out f95. Manipulated all my already overwritten leveled lists for ammunition because I never see enough.

I also added more shotgun shells. It appears to be working. Reloader didn't work. I made it into an enchantment similar to in game attachments, now it works so I made different levels for it as well. Added Synthetic Gorilla Meat to extra meats. Originally these cheats were made through Cheating Conversions.

Fall:out f95

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