Fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough

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Menu ULMF. Log in Register. Search titles only. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Sex Games. Live Sex Cams. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Fairy Tale Adventure. Thread starter Masqueradea Start date Dec 14, Masqueradea Jungle Girl. ed Jul 19, Messages 23 Reputation score 5. Allow me to introduce you to the Fairy Tale Adventure. The game takes place in the world of Asteria. A kingdom in the east that is ruled by an evil queen.

Underneath the tight grasp of the queen's control, groups, outlaws and all manner of alliances are formed with the aim to rule the kingdom in their own way. You play a character of your own creation taking the reigns of a small group, eventually leading it to it's own large army. What you do with this army is all yours.

The choice is yours.

Fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough

The plot goes horribly wrong when they are halted by Grimhilde's soldiers who mercilessly murder a fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough of rebel soldiers including Snow White. This action puts the kingdom into a state of despair. In response, the kingdoms of Arendelle and Agrahbah decide to come together with the hopes of taking Grimhilde to her doom. For many months, all seems lost and destruction appears to be a heavy certainty until at last As I continue developing the project I plan to add more decisive situations and dialogues that will require the player to take action based on morality.

Last edited: Jun 20, ed Jun 24, Messages 1, Reputation score Re: Fairy Tale Adventure The game wastes far too much time doing repetitive nonsense, then grinds to a full stop with those random questions at the mines because even if you know the answer there's no clarity on how to actually answer the question since it apparently takes a very specific phrase.

Exeryon Demon Girl Pro. ed Mar 9, Messages 96 Reputation score I'm stuck at the second question and belive me I tried various answers. H-Section Moderator. ed Nov 17, Messages 9, Reputation score 21, Re: Fairy Tale Adventure SOME sort of description for the gameplay would have been nice seeing as it's supposed to be what you're spending your time fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough and all DawnCry Demon Girl Master. ed Sep 18, Messages Reputation score Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Just giving a recommendation, author, you should remade your post and input the following information: -First of all a description about the game, gameplay options With that information at least it would give a general sense of the game, at least more than what you said.

What you said is mostly the third. First of all it's too grindy, even if you can earn money fast it kind of When i saw your short description of the game I expected a strategy focus. This is just grind. How would i solve it? About recruitment it's not bad to be simple, however give the option to recruit more than one each time, after recruiting it would be recommended to buy weapons for them so that they can fight better against the enemy. Creating a proper system i have a general idea but i think this would be saying too much.

The main problem the game has is what i said, no one will find the game itself interesting, I recommend that you change that approach. In fact the plot itself is quite weak so it doesn't help. Last edited: Dec 15, Serio C Jungle Girl.

Fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough

ed Jul 19, Messages 15 Reputation score 2. This game has a lot interesting things and the art is really good. Fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough the grind and those mine questions DawnCry said:. ed Nov 19, Messages 14 Reputation score 1. Re: Fairy Tale Adventure I need some help. Spoiler After I've started the brothel and I first time can act during night I speak with the brothel owner, she says that I have to get someone to defend the brothel and then the game is stuck. I can go back to the brothel where she repeats the request and I can go home where I can sleep but after sleeping and leaving my house it is still night.

I cannot find anything else to interact with. Re: Fairy Tale Adventure cba said:. I need some help. Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Not a problem, mate and thanks for the quick support! Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Lol Exsalent Demon Girl Master. ed Aug 16, Messages Reputation score 3.

Re: Fairy Tale Adventure I don't know what to think about this update, basicly its completely new game. Version 1. So basicly i think that this update should be viewd as new game, as such its ok 3 h-scenes and 1 half nude costume. That being said there isn't alot to do you can do everything possible very qickly. Compared to last version it even feels that there is less to do. For me it felt that mirror was removed from game after start you don't see him at all unlike last version where player used mirror alot, same goes for snowhite. Its intresting to see how this game will proceed, will there be update or like now different game?

Manamana Tentacle God. ed Sep 3, Messages Reputation score Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Tried the game, I like it so far but: where is the bodyguard for the brothel? Found it, you'll have to ask the slave. Last edited: Jan 24, Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Hey everyone, the game has fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough updated to version 1. ed Feb 10, Messages 21 Reputation score 1. EverworldJalil Demon Girl Master. ed Mar 16, Messages Reputation score Stuck in night time. Brian Demon Girl. ed Aug 18, Messages 61 Reputation score 0. After I meet Snow White again I can get a wish from Death, but I can't find the answer to the first question, Death says it is in the archives.

I have looked through all the books in the library but find nothing.

Fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough

Found the answer on patreon. Last edited: Mar 9, ed Dec 10, Messages 1 Reputation score 0. Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Brian said:. I'm stuck after I die and go to the hall of warriors. Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Has anyone figured out what to do in agraba after you capture girl? Far as i can tell there are only 3 locations in agraah, ship, place and streets where bordell is. Sergejim Mystic Girl. ed Jun 2, Messages Reputation score Re: Fairy Tale Adventure Does anybody know the answer of the forest quizzz? I only got the first answer "old soldier" but then, it should be something like "teaches girls to comb their hair" but it's not exactly casesensitivelly accentwisely stupidily that.

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Fairytale adventure masquerade walkthrough

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