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The promise of virtual reality VR porn, to transform users from passive observers of sexual fantasies on screens into active participants in immersive erotic experiences, is alluring to anyone with even a passing interest in adult content. Over the last year especially, as the erotic vr has kept most of us homebound, the prospect of strapping on a heet and sliding into an orgiastic escape from our isolation and frustration has drawn even more potential erotic vr towards the technology.

Yet many hesitate to take the plunge into the world of virtual reality porn simply because it's a new technology, dominated by new players, using new terminology. It can seem like a lot to learn. And when VR porn first started rolling out in the mids, it absolutely was. For many yearsthe gear was extremely expensive, content was scarce, and experiences were hit-or-miss. But VR technology has evolved quickly and the porn world has pumped a ton of time and money into making its content more reliable and accessible.

So how exactly do you watch VR porn? Mashable recently spoke to King and other experts on virtual reality porn for this guide on getting into the exciting, if still developing, world of immersive smut.

Erotic vr

All you need is a smartphone suspended in a heet that you can strap onto your to create an immersive, 3D illusion. These heets helped to democratize and popularize VR. It's also hard to control anything playing on them; to pause, fast forward, or do anything you usually have to take off the whole rig, grab your phone, and fiddle with the screen. These and other limitations have led most major companies, like Google, Oculus, and Samsung, to wind down production and support for their phone VR gear and services over the last erotic vr or two, and outlets like PC Mag to declare phone-based VR overall "effectively dead.

You need a dedicated VR device. Easy peasy. The only hitch is that Oculus is a Facebook brand, so a Quest 2 requires a Facebook to in and get going. Facebook is a controversial company these days, with a spotty record around data handling, so you may want to create a burner before getting off. Dropping a few hundred dollars may seem like an excessive investment to get into VR porn. The files for VR porn are massiveoften clocking in at well over 10GB, and so downlo require patience and a ton of storage space.

You may want to invest in an external storage drive if you go this route. But unless you have a stellar internet connection, which most Americans do notstreaming can lead to a rougher viewing experience, with skips and lags. Many experts argue that the VR porn experience with downloaded files is far erotic vr and therefore more immersive.

Erotic vr

But this choice ultimately boils down to an evaluation of your desires, tolerance for glitches, and internet resources. Before you start exploring VR porn content, Kevin Campbell, a VR arcade owner and porn buff, recommends making sure you have a good space set up for the experience. If you feel so inclined, you can also explore the world of VR experience-integrated sex toys.

Erotic vr

But that's hardly essential to the experience, and the field would require its own guide to navigate. The obvious choice would be to turn to Pornhub, which has over 3, free VR clips to explore. As such, most of the VR porn experts Mashable spoke to recommend turning to a paid, VR porn specialty studio.

But this decision, too, boils down to personal preferences: Do you want a site that specializes in only the highest quality content? Do you want a particularly deep and broad, but maybe uneven, library of content to choose from? Other outlets have created intricately detailed guides, breaking down the pros and cons of the best and most established sites on the market right now.

As Campbell points out, the world of VR porn is erotic vr evolving. More in PornVirtual Reality.

Erotic vr

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Erotic vr

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Erotic vr

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