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In the code provided:. The content of an HTML element is the information between the opening and closing tags of an element. HTML is organized into a family tree structure. HTML elements can have parents, grandparents, siblings, children, grandchildren, etc. HTML can use six different levels of heading elements.

In HTML, specific and unique id attributes can be ased to different elements in order to differentiate between them. The line break element requires only an opening tag and must not have a closing tag. Each individual list item will have a bullet point by default. Each list item appears ed by default. The src attribute contains the image URL and is mandatory. The alternative text will be displayed if an image fails to render due to an incorrect URL, if the image format is not supported by the browser, if the image is blocked from being displayed, or if the image has not been received from the URL.

The text will be read aloud if screen reading software is used and helps support visually impaired users by providing a text descriptor for the image content on a web. The src attribute will contain the URL to the video. Adding the controls attribute will display video controls in the media player. The hyperlinks can point to other webs, files on the code academy cheats server, a location on the sameor any other URL via the hyperlink reference attribute, href.

The href determines the location the anchor element points to. This information is called metadata and includes things like the title of the HTML document and links to stylesheets. HTML code should be formatted such that the indentation level of text increases once for each level of nesting.

It is a common convention to use two or four space per level of nesting. Content inside of comments will not be rendered by browsers, and are usually used to describe a part of code or provide other details. Whitespace, such as line breaks, added to an HTML document between block-level elements will generally be ignored by the browser and are not added to increase spacing on the rendered HTML.

Rather, whitespace is added for organization and easier reading of the HTML document itself. Relative file paths begin with.

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Code academy cheats

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