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In fact, we at MikeSouth. This is one time where it really sucks to have been right. He was picked up last weekend with loaded handguns, drugs and cash clover pornstar his possession after holding off police for more than 13 hours in a Costa Mesa home Saturday. Disgraced adult performer Clover, a. Casey Daniel Purser, 31, pleaded not guilty to drug, weapons and other charges following his arrest Saturday, Sept. Purser, 31, of Sherman Oaks, was arrested with guns, drugs and cash in his possession after holding off police for more than 13 hours in a Costa Mesa home Saturday, authorities said.

He was with a woman in her home in the block of Brickyard Lane when officers responded to a report of suspicious clover pornstar at about a. According to police, Clover had threatened to harm her before she ran downstairs and out the front door. Police said Clover chased her downstairs but stayed inside. Police made several unsuccessful attempts to call Clover, and detectives watched the house until Purser stepped outside with a backpack at about 5 p.

Photos posted on Instagram by the Costa Mesa Police Department show guns, drugs and cash that police say they found when they arrested Clover. He is suspected of selling narcotics.

According to published reports, on October 1,shortly after being released from jail on a drug charge, Clover returned to his apartment to find his dog Toby had an accident on the carpet. Clover attempted to drown the dog in his bathtub. Some neighbors heard the commotion and rescued the dog, with one of them performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They then took the dog to a vet, running part of the way due to traffic.

They were successful and Toby was ok. Clover pleaded no contest to one count of animal cruelty. He was sentenced to one year in county jail and five years of probation, which included the caveat that he could not be around, own, or possess any animal. He was released on April 30, Clover entered the adult business inand quickly racked up an impressive of movie credits and a reputation as a reliable performer.

However, he also built up a lengthy rap sheet in including a DUI in which he allegedly blew twice the legal limit, as well as multiple charges of domestic clover pornstar against his then-girlfriend, well-known makeup artist Jenn Marie Jaen.

He was released from jail in Los Angeles on January 7, having been remanded into custody on Nov. Clover had been given the choice clover pornstar either accepting a plea deal or standing trial on charges stemming from a May beating of Jaen. In addition to jail time, Clover was sentenced to 3 years probation, and one year of Domestic Violence classes. Additionally, the Los Angeles County court ordered Clover to stay away from alcohol, and places where alcohol is sold, upon his release. According to Morgan Lee, Clover did not fulfill that condition. I hit my head hard on the bed frame and started crying.

Then he threw the bottle at my head. It went through to the Front Desk. It just so happened that the head of hotel security was standing there, and [the] front desk handed her the phone. She heard everything, or at least enough to come up to the room with 2 other security guards — but Clover [had] bailed already. On January 24,during the AEE show in Las Vegas, Clover was arrested for beating up his new girlfriend, adult starlet Morgan Leeand for felony possession of a controlled substance cocaine.

On January 30, while clover pornstar court for a restitution hearing related to the May domestic battery of Jaen, Clover was taken into custody and jailed for violating the terms of his probation. Having criminal charges filed against him in Las Vegas constituted a violation of the terms of his probation.

A restraining order was requested against him in February of this year in Orange County Superior Court pertaining to allegations of domestic violence. He faces four felony counts and three misdemeanor counts related to criminal threats, brandishing a weapon and being in possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. Recently, another female adult performer confirms to MikeSouth. The doggie is currently in an animal hospital. Clover Clamp strikes again, huh? How much did he resist arrest to earn that from the Costa Mesa Police Department? Go troll on some other site — 4Chan or Anonymous would be good sites for you to troll someone on.

Maybe Bonnie Rotten or Tana Lea would let you play with theirs. I hope they have taken a shower or bath in the past two months when you do, clover pornstar. According to the Orange County Superior Court website, Clover has three 3 year concurrent sentences that will be served at the same clover pornstar. However, he also has a 4 year consecutive sentence that he has to serve before starting on the other three. The four year sentence is non-parole which means he serves it all before he can even think about starting the other sentences and cannot be paroled on it.

My guess is he will serve about six years — the four year non-parole sentence and then the other three parole-eligible concurrent sentences. He really is a ticking time bomb. On the bright side, Morgan Lee has returned to the industry after a long break. Blue, Clover is definitely a ticking time bomb. Fortunately, he is now in a place where when he blows up he will likely get his ass kicked by a bunch of Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings or Nazi Low Riders.

Prison is full of ticking time bombs.

Prisoners love pretty boys with bad attitudes. He is no War Machine so he gonna be someones bitch pretty quickly. Clover Clamp is probably getting some dick up his ass nightly from his cellie and several Nazi Low Riders. He will have a job waiting for him if he gets out, though — at Treasure Island Media where owner and director Paul Morris loves to use people with AIDS to spread clover pornstar to more people. Clover Clamp will likely be a one man AIDS infection spree in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Marin if he gets it while he is in prison which is almost a certainty and manages to survive no treatment while in prison.

Maybe Clover Clamp will surprise us and the Nazi Low Riders, be a bubba and fuck twinks up the ass in prison — I guess he has probably found out by now. That is unlikely considering his body build and the fact that he had been doing drugs constantly before his arrest and incarceration but I guess anything is possible. You must be logged in to post a comment. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously.

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