Claire b walkthrough

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After a close encounter of the mutant kind, Claire wakes up in the dank sewers below Raccoon City. In the last part we left Claire straight out of the cutscene where said goodbye to our old friend Mr X. Turn around and grab the SMG bullets behind you, then walk forward through the only door to advance. Watch on YouTube. Save up in this new office if you wish, collect all the supplies, then press on through the next door. Follow this hallway around, go up the stairs and through the door — this le into the cable car room.

Walk into the Control Room and deal with the three zombies.

Collect the supplies from around the room — the code for the locker is SZF — then jump down the gap in the corner of the room. This triggers a cutscene. Over on the far side claire b walkthrough the main is a electronically locked door which is connected to the plugs beside it. The contracting company that deed the system had a thing for chess, so each plug is deed to look like a different piece. Pick up the note on the desk and your primary objective will change to looking for them. Leave those plugs where they are for now, and leave the room through the door on the east side of the room.

Before you go, grab the Sewer Map off the wall next to the door. Make sure to bring a couple of Blue Herb items with you and a stack of three flash or frag grenades too. Shoot the zombie, then open up the safe. The code is written on its right-hand side.

Now go to the other side of the room near the cable car and pick up the T Tool from next to the computer. Shoot the zombies at the bottom of the stairs, then turn left. Run down the second set of stairs and use your new T Tool on the mechanism next to the door. Climb the ladder down to your left, then follow the stream around. Climb up onto the bank to your left, then claire b walkthrough down on the other side. Walk forwards from where you jumped down off the bank and the first monster will surface. Sprint around to its left and past it. You should be able to squeeze fairly easily past the second monster.

Then make a beeline for the opening in front of you, banking to the left to avoid the last monster. Climb up the stairs on the other side. Turn left at the bottom and go through the open gate.

On your left as you walk through is the Queen Plug — take it. Turn around and walk forward until it opens out a little. On your left is another box for you to put the Queen Plug, so use it from your inventory. A zombie will fall off the banister and wake up, claire b walkthrough turn around and send him back to sleep with your gun. At the top of the stairs is a box with the King Plug in. Take it — then jump down from the gap in the railings. Turn around immediately and shoot the zombie right behind you, then go back through the open Queen Plug gate.

Put the King Plug in the box next to the bottom of the stairs, then go through and grab the Spark Shot from the wall. Then walk through and put the King Plug in the box at the bottom of the stairs. Now walk through and collect your Queen plug from the other side, before retracing your steps to get the King Plug.

Now go back up the stairs and over to the terrible sewer river place with all the giant monsters. Climb back up the ladder, and thank your lucky stars you never have to go down there again. Go up the small staircase and deal with the zombie on your left. Then instead of going back up the stairs to your right, walk forward and pull the lever in front of you on the wall. Walk forward, countering the monster in front of you and slipping past — or this time, shooting it with your grenade launcher.

This lands you up in the Workroom. Shoot the zombie on the floor to wake it up. Then hehot it to make sure it stays down.

Next grab the Hip Pouch on the left. To advance, unlock the door in front of you, then take the Rook Plug claire b walkthrough of the box on your left. At the bottom, climb into the water and turn left. Walk forwards and another monster will rush you. Keep walking forwards until you see a crank door on your left. Open it and walk through. You can now discard the T Tool.

Go back around across the bridge and up the first small set of stairs, but then turn right to go back up to the Treatment Pool Room. Make sure you have the Queen, King, and Rook in your inventory, then go to the electronic door and take the Knight, Pawn, and Bishop from their plugs. On the wall closest to the door put the plugs in the following order — left to right: Queen, Bishop, King. Then head through the door and down the stairs. Turn left and pull the lever on the side of the compactor door. Inside the Power Room, go over to the circuit breaker on the far wall.

Turn the three switches on the right to return power. Sprint past his right hand side and out of the door he broke down. This lures William over to where you are. This triggers a cutscene with Sherry. Once you get control back, carry Sherry back up the stairs to the Monitor Room.

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Claire b walkthrough

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Resident Evil 2 walkthrough: A guide to surviving Leon's and Claire's campaigns